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Welcome To Misha's World Wide Woof !

Misha is a mix breed between a purebred Malamute mother (Dam)
& a German Shepherd - Rough Collie cross for a Father (Sire).

Often when she is being walked in various parks and areas all
around she is approached by people who call her as "Pretty Baby"
to "SweetHeart" and other things.

We know that Misha is a cute looking dog, and kids tend to treat her
like a big teddy bear, except those that tremble in fear of her being a
dog.   Intelligent as Misha is, she picks up on these things and realizes
that she is not your average mutt.

On this site you will see photos of her as a puppy to her now at the
senior dog age of 8 years. On her Biography page you will find out how
Misha chose her own name to how she was adopted, to how she has
too many toys in her toybox.

Enjoy your visit and we hope you tell your friends about this website.

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